Majid Hojati

Majid HOJATI was born in 1985 in Isfahan, Iran. He studied photography at Esfahan Payam Noor University and at the School of Fine Arts. He joins many associations such as the association of cultural heritage photographers or the International Federation of Photographic Art.

Thanks to his taste for travel and landscapes, his photos have been published in travel and tourism magazines as well as in newspapers. In addition, he has received more than a hundred awards at national and international photographic festivals.

Hojati chose to represent his country to show the legacy of the cultural and natural beauty of the land and to highlight the Iranian people’s quest for friendship with nature and preservation of beliefs. He began traveling in 2012 to record these beauties and his quest continues to this day.

His White-clad angels series highlights the city of Varzaneh, the only city where women traditionally wear white veils. With the desert and the heat, this white veil helps to cool the body and to cover oneself. The photographer chooses to illustrate this tradition of white linen, accompanying the women throughout their lives.

His work has been highlighted in the following monographic exhibitions: Isfahan, Marburg, Germany (2018), Scene in Isfahan, Frame (2014), Singular sister-in-law, Hyderabad, India (2013), Isfahan, Freiburg, Germany (2012), Pedestrian, Isfahan, Iran (2011).