Within the framework of Meeting Europe – Cyprus

Zehra SONIA Untitled (detail), 2006

Artists : Klitsa Antoniou / Maria Papacharalambous / Zehra Sonya

Curatorship : Daphne Nikita

« Two Greek Cypriots and one Turkish Cypriot stand side by side in the same exhibition with Memory as the central theme of reference and creation. The three women creators are about the same age (Sonya Zehra being the youngest) and are influenced by and infused with childhood memories and personal experiences of the distant and more recent past. As such, each one is called upon to “make” her own special “house”. The tragic events of 1974 were of emblematic significance for all three of them and changed the course of their lives. The “house”, according to the idea behind the exhibition, functions as a place of safe-keeping and preserving both distant and more recent memories. Shattered images of earlier years, intimate and secret desires, fears and persistent dreams emerge from every corner of the “house”, thus stimulating the senses and memory».

Daphne Nikita
Art historian
Director of Diatopos Centre of Contemporary Art, Nicosia, Cyprus