Born the 27 April 1956


Dimossios Ergasia is one of the heteronyms of Patrick Meyer. He makes appointments that operate like minute events all over the world in specific places. Stickers are one of the roots of this work, they are like thin self adhesive poems or pictures.

First Dimossios Ergasia chooses an expression  (to have a word on the tip of the tongue, to take the first step, to be worried sick, to have a tune on the brain).
The heteronyms of Patrick Meyer, (Elisabeth Errigal, Samuel Atmen, Eliot Irgendwo, Benoît van Jacquelina, Christine Orizzonti, Marcus Dive, Anna Magdalena Compleano, Omar ibn el Hadjadj, Van Thi Than, Semaj Ecioj), write texts about the expressions, each one in his personal style, and specific typographical presentation.
Demossios Ergasia chooses the places where the reading performances are held. The selection is important : swimming pool, zoo, museum, park, garden, bus, train station. The variety of these places gives a spontaneous and unusual character to the appointment.

Dimossios  prints different kinds of stickers, they can be informative and hold the elements in relationship with the rendezvous, time, date, location ; or they are narrative and are part of the general construction of the appointment . They build up a world of photographs and texts.
The stickers are spread through the town. They change the urban landscape by creating fragments of pictures lips, faces, eyes, hands– or texts –words, poems- stuck onto walls, benches, trees. The passer-by can pick them up. The information is also spread out through e-mails or reviews.
The nature of the reading performance varies. Dimossios uses sound elements, like dictaphones or megaphones. He works with a dancer, a musician or an actor.
In any case, the choice of the place improves the performance. The moment of the reading is brief and intense. The closeness to the public, the symbolic dimension of the place, the occurrence of chance   passer-by, rain, noise contribute to it.

During the preparation of the rendezvous, Dimossios Ergasia takes photographs of stickers stuck in different contexts. They can then be collected in a catalogue. They can also be quickly exhibited during the rendezvous, or be the subject of a more important exhibition.
A rendez-vous by Dimossios Ergasia calls for ways of production (texts, photographs), of diffusion (stickers, mails, reviews), collection (catalog of stickers), and exhibition (fast exhibition), that build up a playful, varied, poetic and nomadic world.

1989 to 1999
Visual artist, texts, works under 5 heteronyms
Exhibitions, accessions, state order  (Centre Européen d’Actions Artistiques Contemporaines, Fonds Régional  d’Art Contemporain)
Gallery (Contemporary Art Fair Basel), Catalogues
2000 to 2008
Appearance of the heteronym Dimossios Ergasia : appointment
Appearance of  7 other heteronyms
Texts – stickers – reading performances – catalogue collectors
Appointments in France and abroad
Works with institutions and private sector
“to be hanging on somebody’s lips” : Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art : Strasbourg
“to make the first step” Market – Bus – Harbour – Buildings – Museum : Metz
“to have a tune on the brain” Thessalonica – Istanbul – Beograd – Bucarest – Sofia – Podgorica – Strasbourg : observatory, astronomic dome
“to have a great beam” : Bridges on the Rhine : Strasbourg – Basel
“to run as fast as your legs can carry you” : Race 10 km – Institute of bacteriology  – Stadium – Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art : Strasbourg
” to get worried sick” Centre of Contemporary Art : Sète
biennial of photography: Thessalonica
” to drink in somebody’s words” project : nomadic appointment
“see with your own eyes” project : residence


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