Projected Regards – video art in the Balkans (out of stock)

regardsprojetes2October 2002, published by Apollonia, european art exchanges, p.89 (English, French)
Editor: Dimitri Konstantinidis
Coordination: Anne Laval, Hélène Cominéas
Texts: Lilia Dragneva, Zoran Eric, Marina Grzinic, Dimitri Konstantinidis, Boris Kostadinov Zoran Petrovski, Dodo Santorineos


This publication was edited on the occasion of homelessness, from October 2001 until April 2003 in the countries of Eastern Europe, “Projected” which is a selection of Slovenian artists videos movies , Bulgarian, Greek, Macedonian, Serbian and Moldovan. This event is part of a series of events around contemporary culture in the southeast of Europe organized by Apollonia.