Born in 1974 in Ziar nad Hronom, Slovakia



1993 – 1998 : Trnava University, history of art and culture



1999 : Open air maining museum in Banska Štiavnica
2000-2003 : Cultural House of Petrzalka, Bratislava – PR manager
2003-2005 : CC Centrum of Cultural House of Petrzalka – curator of exhibitions
since 2002 : Povazska galeria umenia (Museum of Arts) in Žilina – curator
since 2005 : lectures on Faculty of Art in Technical University in Kosice
Research in the field of contemporary visual art from Slovakia and Central and Eastern Europe.
Lectures about contemporary art in Slovakia and Europe on Department of visual arts and intermedia of Faculty of Arts on Technical University in Kosice



I have prepared more than 40 exhibitions since 2000 when I started to work in Petrzalka. More than 20 exhibitions were focussed on works of young artists (age between 25 and 40 years). Since 2003 I have worked as a curator of Cycle “Dotyky a spojenia” – one exhibition per one month in CC Centrum. Above all, this cycle presents artworks of young artists (1 – 5 years after finishing their studies on Academy). There I have prepared more than 10 exhibitions and in Museum of Arts in Zilina also more than 20 exhibitions of works young artists. I try to present every art medium from classic paintings and sculpture to new media, video, installations, objects, etc. Important area of my activities is preparing curatorial projects/exhibitions reflecting selected problems in contemporary visual art. The most important of them are:

2001 :  Expresive tendencies in Slovak visual art in the second half of 20th century, State gallery in Nitra, Museum of Arts Zilina
2003 :  Too much exceptions (provocative art), Museum of Arts in Zilina / Prieskumy – presentation of students’ works, Academy of Fine Arts in Bratislava and Faculty of Arts of Technical University in Kosice
2004 : Generation jointments – last 15 years in the art of sculpture, installations and objects in Slovakia, Museum of Arts in Zilina
2006 : IN(TER)MEDIA(S)RES (intermedia art in the period between 1992-2006 in Slovakia), Museum of Arts Zilina
2008 : What’s wrong here? (Vizuality vs. Reality), Museum of Arts Zilina



2000 :  Training – exhibition in fast train2001 : Rezonances
2001, exhibition in Gallery of City Bratislava, Palffy pallace, Bratislava
2005 : Continental breakfast/Memory (w)hole, Castle Ljubljana
2006 : New Zlin Youth Salon, Regional Gallery of Fine art in Zlin
2007 : KE-BA-BB – presentation of students’ works (Academy of Fine Arts in Bratislava, Faculty of Arts on Technical University in Kosice and Faculty of fine Arts on Academy of Arts in Banska Bystrica), Museum of art Žilina / Czechpoint (international exhibition of political art), Museum of Art Žilina



“Tibet videný Pavlom Breierom s textami Ivana Štrpku, lturMartina Slobodníka, Slávky Breierovej a Mirky Putišovej, zostavil Ladislav Snopko”, edited by occasion of 14th dalajlama’s visit in Slovakia, 2000, published by: Cultural houses of Petrzalka
Meneghetti. Installations X- Rays, text in catalogue, 2002, published by Museum of Arts in Zilina
Veronika Rónaiová –…a little retrospective, text in catalogue, 2003, published by: Museum of Art Žilina
Too many exceptions, text in catalogue, 2003, published by: Museum of Art Žilina
Museum of Art in Žilina in the period between 1996 – 2006, text in catalogue, 2006, published by Museum of Art Žilina
Czechpoint (international exhibition of political art), text in catalogue 2007, published by: Foundation – Centre of contemporary art Czech republic

And other texts in Revue of contemporary art Dart, Journal Vlna



Little Stories Projected Visions – Slovakia