Residence of D. Niksic et M. Miljanovic


11 October 2007 – 20 October 2007

60, rue de Bâle, 68220 Hégenheim (France)

Damir NIKSIC, work in progress

Residence – Relations

Dialogues : Bosnie – Herzégovine

Artists: Mladen Miljanovic and Damir Niksic
Art critics: Ivana Udovicic and Sarita Vujkovic

Mladen MILJANOVIC, work in progress

For 10 days in a former spinning mill converted into an exhibition space, the FABRIKculture in Hégenheim (Alsace) welcomes two artists from Bosnia-Herzegovina. They were selected by apollonia during a research trip to Sarajevo and Banja Luka and propose two distinct projects, but close in their approach.

Accompanied by two art critics, Ivana Udovicic (National Gallery of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Sarajevo) and Sarita Vujkovic (Museum of Contemporary Art of the Republika Srpska, Banja Luka), the artists (Mladen Miljanovic and Damir Niksic) engage in a dialogue through creation.