László László RÉVÉSZ 2008



“…An artist, performer and video maker, Revesz does not, however, abandon the possibility of using painting by experimenting with it in a complex panorama of ‘access levels’, which makes the viewer uncertain as to reality and fiction, inside and outside, on the belonging of the work’s conceptual part to the retinal one, and vice versa. From the multiple models of expression the media suggests to him, Revesz takes, especially in a few 1991-93 canvases, the ability to reconcile neo-expressionist models of iconic painting with low-definition electronic images. His more recent paintings demonstrate his latent interest for figuration, resolved through chromatic lighting of synthetic and fauve ancestry.”




1977-82 Hungarian Academy of Arts, degree in painting
1983-85 Hungarian Academy of Applied Arts, degree in animation film
from 1999 senior lecturer at the Hungarian University of Crafts and Arts, Budapest
2005-06 works at the Hungarian Cultural Center, New York
from 1999 producer, director at the Cperu (a linear and non-linear content developer company)




2008 Minden Mozi, Ludwig Muzeum, Budapest / Micro Narratives, Musee d’Art Moderne, Saint-Etienne
2007 Micro Narratives, October Salon, Belgrade
2005 The Giving Person, Palazzo delle Arti, Naples / Conflict, Slought Foundation, Philadelphia
2004 Passage d’Europe, Musee d’Art Moderne, Saint-Etienne / Elhallgatott Holokauszt, Műcsarnok, Budapest
2003 Aura, Millenáris, Budapest
2002 Poppies on the Palatinus, Ludwig Museum, Budapest / Vision, Műcsarnok , Budapest / Bildbetrachtung, H. Quinque-Wessels, Berlin
2001 2001 – Science and fiction, Trafó, Budapest
2000 Mediamodell, Műcsarnok, Budapest


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