RICHARD Marie-Hélène

Marie-Hélène Richard was born on 14/12/1966 in Rueil Malmaison, in the Ile-de-France region. Her assistant is Stéphan Bohu, born on 14/06/1962 in Nantes. She is a in situ artist, graduated from the Beaux Arts de Paris. She lives in Pornichet, Pays de la loire, France.


In 1986 she began studying at the École des Beaux-Arts de Paris, and passed her Higher Diploma in Plastic Arts in 1989.

Mixed media assemblies (straw, industrial mesh, dry plants, suspensions, wire, branches). First large-scale installations in the Palais des Etudes. Meeting with Gérard Singer, painters Gino Silvestri and Pierre Matthey, Christian Boltansky.

École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts, DSAP


Marie-Hélène Richard, a Franco-Swiss visual artist, intervenes in the landscape in the broadest sense of the term by creating specific works for the sites entrusted to her. The context largely nourishes the nature of the work. The components of the site weave the support of the dialogue that the artist seeks to establish. From concept to realization, this architect of the imaginary allows herself complete freedom to experiment with ideas as well as with forms constructed in the spatiality of a place for a given time.

Graduated from the Beaux-Arts de Paris in 1989, she has focused her approach, since the mid-80s, on the in-situ by questioning the relationship between man and his environment. Her poetic approach is influenced in her relationship to materials by currents such as Arte Povera and post-minimalism.

She has produced works in France and abroad, for example for the Swiss Cultural Centre in Paris, the Musée Promenade de Marly le Roi, the Gärten der Sinne in the GDR, the Urato archipelago in Japan, for the Jardin des Arts patron entrepreneurs. More recently, she created on the esplanade of the Grande Arche in Paris for the UIC, for the Futuroscope, participates in the biennial Estuaire by installing a work in the Abbaye de Blanche Couronne. Tourcoing welcomes him in the context of Lille Fantastic then the Domaine du Rayol for Land art au jardin. In 2014 it will be part of the Grandeur exhibition in The Hague devoted to monumental French sculpture. This year, she creates installations for Miniartextil in Como, Italy and for A l’ombre d’Eros, at the Royal Monastery of Brou.

Her works appear in Sophie Barbaux’ books published by Ici interface: Jardins écologiques, Objets urbains and Jardins singuliers, as well as in the international magazine Brand Magazine, a publication entitled Narrative of art.

Within the framework of : Vivacity