ROUX ET ROUSSES, Geneviève Boutry


From 15 September to 1st October 2011

Apollonia venue

The exhibition of the photographer Geneviève Boutry is part of Apollonia’s desire to present artists based in Strasbourg and Alsace in its space, in parallel with its European preoccupations.

Colour of fire, a reference to the devil, redheads had an evil connotation during the Middle Ages: redheads considered to be witches were hidden or executed.
Sensitive to the history of this minority and its difference, Geneviève Boutry devoted a first series of portraits to it twenty years ago.
Today she is doing it again and she brings a new light on freckles, by getting closer to the beings and their intimacy and by trying to restore in her own way the diversity of this colour.

Vernissage 14 September 2011 at 6.30 pm