1901, Székesfehérvar, Hungary / 1978, Paris, France

The technical and sculptural experiments of André Steiner make him a perfect representative of the New Vision of the nineteen thirties. He explores the various domains of the photographic medium in order to better question the real and its representation; he plays with forms and movement; his anamorphoses, distortions, photo-montages, photograms, his solarized experiments are the fruits of a curiosity placed in the service of the photograph ever since his Viennese studies in the nineteen-twenties. Having arrived in France in 1927, his images are regularly published in the press (Le Leicaiste, Arts et Métiers Graphiques…). With his educational background in science, he will become in 1962 a consultant in the area of photographic shots in medical investigation and industrial experimentation.


Biographical note
by Christelle Rochette
curatorial assistant at the Nicéphore Niépce Museum




The Benefits of Emigration

Hungarian photography from the Nicephore Niepce Museum