The Collective

Represented by Andy Stokes and Frédéric Bussière


Andy Stokes

Born in UK, currently lives in Hong Kong. Before forming The Collective,
Andy was a motion graphic designer for TV. His works in this area
earned him several International & Regional Promax and Broadcast
Design awards. Some of the projects have also been featured in the
U.K’s Computer Arts Magazine as well as numerous design portal
websites. In recent years focus, Andy has been turned towards content
creation for large format multi-screen displays & projections. He
founded The Collective in 2013 envisioning to collaborate with different
artists in various aspects for multi-media projects.

Frederic Bussiere

A French-Portuguese visual artist, graduated from a
Master in Arts in France then started an international
career: Buenos Aires, Paris, Sydney and finally Hong
Kong. Through his travel, his approach of art moved
from 2D animation, to fashion video, and then finally to
visual arts, incorporating video projection and

Within the framework of : Vivacity