The steps of VITAL

Art / Environment / Citizens’ participation

June 2022 – May 2024

The VITAL project highlights four innovative installations placed in the public space and calling for citizen participation. These works focus on the involvement of European artists in environmental issues.

Artists: Klitsa ANTONIOU, Marco BAROTTI, Thibault HONORE & Justine MALJAK, Irena PIVKA & Brane ZORMAN

At the same time, numerous art & ecology events take place in Strasbourg.

> VITAL @ ST-ART, the European Fair for Contemporary Art and Design

Thanks to an exceptional partnership, Apollonia is presenting the project at ST-ART, the European Fair for Contemporary Art and Design, from 23 to 26 November 2023, featuring the kinetic sculpture MOSS by artist Marco BAROTTI. See you at the new Exhibition Centre!

> VITAL – inauguration of the route between the artworks 25/11 at 11am

The other three works can be seen in Strasbourg’s Robertsau district.

> MOSS – kinetic sculpture @ ST-ART

After the magnificent garden of the Musée de l’Œuvre-Notre-Dame, MOSS is taking up residence for a few days at ST-ART, the European Fair for Contemporary Art and Design, on a dedicated stand. Last chance to discover or revisit this exceptional work before the winter 🙂

> PANDO installed at the Robertsau

A superb installation by Thibault HONORÉ & Justine MALJAK is finally taking its place between the “Jardiniers” E tram station and the Jardin d’Apollonia. Two hand pumps advocate the sensible use of water, while the sculpture-recptacles wait patiently for the fruit to be harvested…

> Klitsa Antoniou and her team are putting the finishing touches to the Viridian Chronicles installation at the Petite Orangerie

The imposing and sensitive installation Viridian Chronicles: Then the Sky Turned Deaf Trying to Listen to the Rain takes its place in the middle of the park.

A charred black volume contrasts with the 2 white surfaces, which seem to have been spared by the fire and invaded by living plants. It’s a metaphor for the catastrophic fires that strike our planet and threaten our very existence. By walking through the sculpture, the viewer triggers the sound of rain and becomes the actor in the work, as if to show that he or she is not only the cause but also potentially the solution to climate change.

> garden GOround – soundwalk – active in Strasbourg – coming back in spring!

VITAL’s second installation: Irena Pivka and Brane Zorman have created augmented audio headsets for an artistic walk in the heart of urban nature. After Ljubljana and Pristina, the walks are now being offered in Strasbourg, starting at the Espace Apollonia. Contact us to find out more!

> MOSS – kinetic sculpture – in the medieval garden of the Musée de l’Œuvre-Notre-Dame

VITAL @Strasbourg! Artist Marco Barotti has created a kinetic sculpture combining plant moss and new technologies in the heart of Strasbourg. See it again and again at the Musée de l’Œuvre-Notre-Dame.

> Moss Tag on the Bernanos Centre – March 2023

In collaboration with the Bernanos Centre and the students of ECO-Conseil, a new moss tag was created on the walls of the Bernanos Centre, with the help of local middle-schoolers, refugees and volunteers.

> Moss Tag at the Cité de l’Ill neighbourhood October-November 2022

Young people from the Cité de l’Ill, in association with artists from the exhibition (Co)Habiter, invested the walls of their neighbourhoods in order to create a mural artworks made of living green moss.

> Exhibition (Co)Habiter July-October 2022

“In our often accelerated, saturated and ultra-connected daily lives, do we still experience the living? Do we still pay attention to the other species that inhabit the Earth and make it habitable? Through the title (Co)Habiter, the ambition of this exhibition is to think about the different ways of co-inhabiting and co-existing with the living in an ecologically and socially damaged world.”

Artists: Clothilde GARNIER, Lama el CHARIF, Juliette DIGNAT, Sibylle de la GIRAUDIERE, Mélodie GOGUE-MEUNIER, Zoé KINER-WOLFF, Alexis PUGET

Curators: Elisa OSTERTAG, Léna URBANY