Tryakhin-B. G.

Capture d’écran 2016-04-11 à 10.53.52
Sovok, 2011, Sculpture

Born in 1943 in Nizhneudinsk, Russia, Tryakhin-Bukharov Georgy lives and works in Amalty.

Artist-flagship of the generation that shook the Soviet Socialist Republics in the 1980s, Tryakhin-Bukharov is the oldest of artists gathered for the exhibition “Life is a legend”.
By this time, he makessculptural works and installations with a deep political content from everyday objects and even scrap elements. His works are a real support for the criticism of the Soviet regime. In his practice reads the legacy of pop art (collages from images taken from advertising photos and presence of consumer items such as toothpaste) and conceptual art, and even the readymade. Not without humor, his work is full of references where history, geopolitics, fairy tales and individual mythologies are combined.


E.CITY ALMATY / KAZAKHSTAN: LIFE IS A LEGEND:  5 December, 2014 to 8 March, 2015.