Urbanity stories – When art and architecture come into it.


Lecture hall, l’Ecole supérieure des arts décoratifs de Strasbourg – November 2010

Participants : Cristiana MAZZONI / Dan CALIN / Collective Oulà / Irina BOTEA / Andrwea GRIGOROVSKI / Christophe DOMINO / Praline GAY PARA / Daniel PAYOT / Laurent REYNES / François DUCONSEILLE / Jean-Christophe LANQUETIN / Dominik NEIDLINGER / Christelle CARRIER / Alain JUND

Architecture and contemporary art, with their own features and their different approaches, are going to create, on our metropolitan territories, urban spaces which set up the man and its culture at the heart of the work. But the interaction between them is not easy, neither than the dialogue between these diversified places, people and turmoil culture.

How can artists and architects have an idea together about the city and its territories inherited from the XX century, which are, for the most part, marginalized and in difficulty? How can they imagine time and urban space of tomorrow while circomstances place the city and its territories in competition, rather than looking for dialogue?

Interventions and discussions at the round table – conclusion of the three days workshop on Stockfeld’s city-garden – suggest a reflection on these question through foreign artists and architects look, invited to think about housing environment at the border of Strasbourg’s metropolis. These areas are the place where buildings grow scarce, where the nature contact become direct, but also where facilities become less present. The risk is the incarceration and the isolation of the place. Foreign look can help us to understand differently these territories while finding their strenght. Foreign look can help us to find new type of dialogue with the inhabitant and to think in an other way tools that permit to create new metropolitan project.

The objective is to understand which urban tales, hidden behind daily life’s apparences, prevent us to understand the strenght of our multiple territories.