Photographic exhibition

November – December 2002 Thessaloniki Forum, Thessaloniki
October –  November 2003 Espace apollonia, Strasbourg
February – March 2004 Festival Est-Ouest, Die

Max Sivaslian, photographie de la série « Arménie », 200..

ARTISTS: Max Sivaslian and Mirnaib Hasanoglu

Curators: Shalva Khakhanashvili, art historian, artist, independent curator; Dimitri Konstantinidis, Director of apollonia, european art exchanges

This exhibition inaugrated in the framework of the Thessaloniki Forum 2002 presented the work of an armenain and an azery photograph that met due to photography, even though their countries may be in opposition to each other. Each artist treated three thèmes. Max Sivaslian showed works related to the region of High-Karabakh, questioning the prisons in Yerevan as well as giving an impression of the splendor of Armenia.
The azery photograph Mirnaib Hasanoglu also approached the delicate question of the High-Karabakh, his regard discovering the fascinating landscape of Azerbaijan and plunging in the poor universe of exiled children in Baku.
By this means, the exhibition took the risk to present shoulder to shoulder an azery and an armenian artist, without intending a political confrontation naturally suggested. More precisely, the parallelism of this exhibition focused on an artistic approach towards two types of savoir-faire and diffferent visions of the world.