Years of silence / Syrlybek Bekbotayev, Kazakhstan


23 January – 29 March 2015

STIMULTANIA Pôle de photographie
33 rue Kageneck F-67000 Strasbourg

Within the framework of E.CITY – ALMATY / KAZAKHSTAN

Syrlybek Bekbotayev Contact, 2013


For the first time having his work shown in France, Syrlybek Bekbotayev (born in 1987) presents through photographies, videos, installations his vision of the identity of Central Asia.

Exhibition view

“Here we are in Kazakhstan with the young Syrlybek Bekbotayev creating stories out of political questioning, criticism, doubt and poetry. He presents faces, tells stories, mixes tradition and modernity and bears witness to reality. In the vast, faraway steppes, nomadic populations pursue their travels, others set out to reach an unknown, bitter “elsewhere”, while the remainder stay put and try to open up to the world. “Years of silence”. At long last, a voice is heard among others.”

Barbara Hyvert

Exhibition view

Co-production Stimultania / Apollonia