Born in 1947 in Erevan in Armenie. Lives and works in Erevan

Gareguine Zakoyan is an university graduate of Erevan, Department of Russian Philology. From 1972 till 1992, he works on the Institute of the Fine arts of the Academy of the Sciences, Département Cinéma and Television. In 1992, it the National Film library (Film Will Archive), the assistant manager of which he is. It is, also, member  of the Union of the cinematographs of Armenia. Since 1972, numerous texts of Zakoyan were published: he is the author of more than thousand articles appeared as well in newspapers as catalogs. Furthermore, he is an author and a publisher of 15 works as “Armenian Silent movies”, “Language and Cinema”, “The Armenians in the world of the cinema”, etc.
Film-maker, producer, photographer, critic of the cinema, president of the film library of Erevan… Gareguine Zakoyan is unmistakably one of the most important current creators of Armenia and the region of the Caucasus.

2006 Conception and realization of the design of the Museum of the cognac factory “Ararat” in Erevan
2004 “Beyond dissappearance”, together with Raphaelle Vierling – installation dedicated to the memory of Sergey Parajanov
1998 “Le Fracture” Photo-Exhibition of Max-Arshak Sivaslian, Erevan / “Hayart” Hall Organizer, Exposition and Design / “Human Pain” Photo-Exhibition of Max-Arshak Sivaslian, Erevan
1995-1996 Exhibition “Prison Art”, Yerevan, Armenian Folk Art Museum Collection of Expositions, Organizer, Author of Catalogue, Text and Design
1988 S. Parajanov’s Exhibition “A Visit to the Film-Directors Studio”, Erevan, Armenian Folk-Art Museum


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