Friday, May 18th at Apollonia venue
6:30 pm in the presence of artists
23 rue Boecklin – 67000 Strasbourg

Exhibition :

 From May 19th to September 2nd at Apollonia venue
Wed / Fri – 11am to 6 pm
Sat / Sun – 2 to 6 pm
(free entry)
23 rue Boecklin – 67000 Strasbourg

“Vivacity” experiments artistic involvement in the city. The exhibition thus questions how to reinvent the city by the dynamics of creation by relying on the plant. The eleven projects installed in several places; Apollonia, its garden, the Escale, the Lieu d’Europe and the Roberstau district are all nods to the presence of plants in our living spaces.
These sculptures, installations, stagings offer us other possibilities to apprehend our city, by discovering unknown and unsuspected aspects, its astonishing biodiversity, its shared spaces, creative walks.
These works sometimes playful, sometimes critical, question the complex relationship that we have with the plant and our environment.

Artists and collectives: Agnès Rosse, Azara San, Freemousse Collective, LAAB (Associative Laboratory of Art and Botany), Les Nouveaux Voisins, Eduardo Kac, Elparo, Marie-Helene Richard, Philippe Obliger, Stephane Clor, The Collective.

In collaboration with Lieu d’Europe, L’Escale, Emmaus Scherwiller and ADIR.