Projected visions – Kosovo

22 March 2005

Projection 22nd March 2005 apollonia venue Curator Mehmet BehluliPrishtina, March 2005 Video is not a cause but a consequence short preview on kosovar video The first VIDEO ever made in Kosova, has the production date of the end of year 1999. The video is made after the NATO intervention, by Sokol Beqiri (1964), Kosovar artist […]

Digital impressionism

Exhibition of Goran Cvorovic
14 March 2005 - 01 April 2020

Exhibition 14th March – 1st April 2005 Apollonia venue Artist: Goran CVOROVIC Goran Cvorovic’s artistic intervention is based on a constant research and on the capture of several elements of reality, of fleeting moments. He is playing with the light, the shadows and the movement that he creates during his captures. In this intervention there […]