L’ombre des jumeaux by M.Kelemenis

Contemporary Dance
11 June 2017

Performance Apollonia Venue – 11th June 2017 The Milonga organization Milonga’s goal as an organization is to practice, create and promote dance. In Argentina, the milonga is a dance, a music, and a place where people dance. Vamos a la milonga means let’s go to the party. This social dimension reflects the choice of identity […]

Table-City – Stephen WILKS


Masterclass GuebwillerEspace Apollonia Within the framework of E.CITY -BERLIN Invited by Apollonia to take part to the project e.city – Berlin, Stephen Wilks has designed a Table – City, an installation made of porcelain bricks that evokes the shape of a metropolis. The artist has thought this object as a place to share. A place […]

e.city – Berlin

2016 - 2017

2016-2017 Guebwiller – Strasbourg e.city – Berlin : – Philoxenia. EXHIBITION.– Table-City – Stephen Wilks. MASTERCLASS.– Lunch – Debate: Migration: What challenge(s) for our European cities? EVENT. – World refugee day. EVENT. This exhibition is part of an “e-city” series that began three years ago and aims to present an aspect of the contemporary trends […]