Exhibition of artworks of the European School of Strasbourg students

From 13 to 29 of May 2022, from Tuesday to Sunday, 2pm to 6pm.

Apollonia venue, Strasbourg, 23 rue Boecklin

Opening Thursday, May 12 from 4:30 p.m., with the program:
• Reading of poems “writing the city” by 4th graders as well as poems by 6th graders
• Reading of texts by final year students, who followed in the footsteps of Dora Bruder and Patrick Modiano in Paris
• Songs around the walk by the school choir
• Guided tours organized by high school students

“After being confined, locked up, we felt the need to walk: walk to forget, to change our minds and be free. In town or in the mountains, in the forest or in the fields, we walked, on our daily paths or sometimes on more unusual ones. Walking is a physical effort and a spiritual adventure, which accompanies us throughout our lives.“

These different paths taken by the students of the European School of Strasbourg, from primary to high school, accompanied by their artistic education teachers, Vanessa Lenzi-Graillot, Marianne Gayko-Roth and Séverine Pichon, have resulted in rich and multifaceted artistic achievements, which we invite you to discover!

Several external contributors worked with the students: the illustrator Anna Griot with the students of CE2 and 6th on the realization of a book, the visual artist-engraver Coralie Lhote with the students of 6th around the haiku. The FRAC Alsace mediator Kilian Flatt produced a stop-motion video with the 5th graders and Nicolas Bender from the photographic space La Chambre spoke with the 1st graders on sequential photography.

Collaboration between the European School of Strasbourg and Apollonia