Artists here and there

study / encounter / residence / exhibitions

16th May – 27th June 2006


Patrick BOGNER, from the artwork series Impermanence II, 2006

Artists here and elsewhere, a dynamic for the territories

Artists and professionals of the culture had initiated collaborations, experimented with mobility, and constructed tools in order to favour artistic creation in Europe.
The territorial collectivities and the European Union designed programs as well as financial and juridical instruments to promote the cultural resources.

Study 2006: the venues receiving artists in Alsace

Patrick BOGNER, sans titre, photographie, 2006

The study was conducted by: apollonia and GAL LEADER + Bruche – Mossig – Piémong

Artists present: Anisa Ashkar (Palestine) and Crhstodoulos Panyiotou (Chypre) and the trio “Courant d’art”: Isabelle Marx, Patrick Labiche, Richard Doust

Interprofessional meeting

“Cultural projects and rural development in Europe”

Opening: 19th of May 2006

Exhibition of Jean François BadiasBetween continuity and rupture“, photos made during the residencies in Kirghizstan.

Artistic manifestations and productions realised during the artist residencies in several European countries

Pierre AOUSTON, “De l’Europe”, performance, 02.06.2006, apollonia venue

Artists: Pierre Aouston (France) / Anisa Ashkar (Palestine) / Jean-François Badias (France) / Anne – Céline Bossu (France) / Joseph Dadoune (Israël) / Théodoulos Gregoriou (Chypre) / Nelly Massera (France) / Christodoulos Panayiotou (Chypre) / Valérie Ruiz (France)

From the 16th of May until the end of June 2006, different exhibitions, projections and performances were presented within the structures of Strasbourg and elsewhere in Alsace.