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Laurent REYNES e.toile, 2013

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The City of tomorrow, with or without the artists?. Conference.
Artecitya. Exhibition.
Laurent Reynes. Intervention.
Claire Dehove and Alain Bublex. Workshops.
e.city – Europe. Publication.

Creating the European City of Tomorrow by supporting artists’ implication in urban tranformation projects.

Within the framework of the e.city – Europe project, Apollonia and its partners offer to the city of Strasbourg a series of events taking place in November-December 2013. They are related to questions of artist residences, but also the role of artistic creativity in the transformation processes of our European cities.

E as Europe, E as exchanges, E as urban environment… For several years, Apollonia invites and presents each year in Strasbourg a European city through the most dynamic and unique aspects of its culture. For the 2013 issue, Apollonia wishes to overpass national considerations when opening a broad European debate raising questions which became crucial in the definition of cultural policies of a country. Our urban landscapes tangle, stretch, blurring pins, identities and territories. In the living fabric that represents the city what is the role of creation? Can artists and citizens orientate and influence the urban change in the future? What could the artists’ look bring to the city?

To address these issues, a conference centered on the theme The City of tomorrow, with or without the artists? is held on 26 November 2013 in the Council of Europe building. A team of urban planners, essayists, artists and representatives of institutions is established to provide a wide range of different positions of the actors in our future cities. Meanwhile, Apollonia and the FRAC Centre present the work of architects and artists having reflected upon the city, housing and the environment over the past six years within an exhibition Artecitya at “12 rue Faubourg de Pierre” exhibition venue in Strasbourg, from 15 November to the 1st of December 2013.

An artist’s intervention in the city and two workshops also take place during the months of October to December. The intervention of Laurent Reynes (architect, doctor art lecturer at the ENSAS, artist and sculptor), Abstract constructions: e.toile, take place on the front of the Council of Europe in Strasbourg. The temporary rehabilitation of the facade of this iconic venue enables a new view of the building, whether artistic, symbolic, practical and so on. The workshops led by the artist and teacher (founder of WOS / agence des hypothèses) Claire Dehove and the artist Alain Bublex connect the students of the National Architecture High Schoolof  Strasbourg (ENSAS), the High School of Applied Arts of Strasbourg (HEAR / ENSADS) and those of the Master course on Art Criticism of the University of Strasbourg.

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