E.city Gdansk

photography – installations – video art – residences

October-November 2011
Various venues, Strasbourg (France)

Michal SZLAGA « Stocznia Gdanska », 2004-2011

E.city – Gdansk:
– Preview of the video selection on the boat “Alliance” – Bassin d’Austerlitz, Strasbourg (close to Médiathèque Malraux), 13 October 2011 at 6 p.m.
Residence of Dominika Skutnik – Strasbourg, September – December 2011
– Presentation of the results of the workshop of Dominika Skutnik – Strasbourg, 8 December 2011
Students’ blog

E like Europe, E like exchange, E like urban environment…
Launched and organised by Apollonia, the e.city… project invites different European cities to Strasbourg every year, to present the most dynamic and remarkable aspects of their culture.

Looking at the different characteristics of a city means questioning the identity of the city and the city’s history. It involves examining both the essence and the particular characteristics inherent in each urban area. It also sheds light on a city’s relationship with other European cities and with the world at large.

E.city focuses on issues of local development by incorporating contemporary creation in urban projects – the city is considered to be an open sphere for artistic creativity…

In 2011, we are proud to present the new issue of e.city – “e.city – Gdansk”.

14 October 2011 from 7 to 11 p.m.
Opening of “e.city – Gdansk” at the old Apollonia venue
12 rue du Faubourg de Pierre 67000 Strasbourg