PROJECTED VISIONS – ARMENIA : Glorious Futility – Arménia



Karine MATSAKIAN, Sans titre, 2002
Karine MATSAKIAN, Sans titre, 2002

Since 2001, apollonia has set up a traveling program dedicated to video production and already covering various European countries: Bulgaria, Greece, Macedonia, Moldavia, Serbia, Slovenia, Romania, Armenia, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Poland, Latvia and Cyprus.

After an initial choice of Armenian works in 2003, apollonia is today offering a program of video art realized by Ruben Arevshatyan, an art critic and exhibition curator who lives in Erevan.

The new selection entitled “Glorious Futilities” covers the period from the middle of the nineteen-seventies all the way to today. The artists presented here illustrate the evolution of video art in Armenia – both through the progress of audiovisual technology and in terms of the contents of their works.

The discourse is often descriptive and highlights a chaotic socio-economic situation oscillating between the old Soviet system and the neo-liberal reality. The direct intervention of the artists in the form of performances underlines a profound investigation into the current human condition in the face of the overwhelming superficiality of consumer societies.

Azat, Don’t worry, 2001


Sona Abgaryan, Untitled, 2006, (6’18) ; “Player 13”, 2005, (4’44)
Vahram Aghasyan, “Bangladesh”, 2003, (8’51); Untitled, 2005 (2’)
Azat, “Don’t worry”, 200, (2’52)
Arman Grigoryan, “What is art and who creates it”, 2004, (6’20) ; “168”, 2006, (4’06)
Diana Hakobyan, “Getnic Barcr”, 2005, (1’41); “Paran”, 2005, (3’34)
Hamlet Hovsepyan, Untitled, 1976, (4’37) ; Untitled,1974-2006, (5’)
David Kareyan, “Civic Commotion”, 2000, (3’)
Grigor Khachatryan, Untitled, 1998, (4’32)
Tigran Khachatryan,”Stalker”, 2004, (12’20)
Hovhannes Margaryan, “A Hammock Story”, 2005,(13’55)
Karine Matsakyan, Untitled, 2002, (5’05)
Astghik Melkonyan, “Kilikia”, 2002, (9’32)
Haroutyun Simonyan, Untitled, 2004, (21’11)

and also…

Tina Bastajian,”Jagadakeer… between the near and east”, 2001, (19’15)