Heures japonaises; Catherine Gangloff & Michel Déjean


1 – 19 December 2008

apollonia venue, Strasbourg

Camille DÉJEAN « Accumulation », 2008
Camille DÉJEAN « Accumulation », 2008

Artists: Catherine Gangloff and Michel Déjean

The presented works are a recollection by Catherine Gangloff and Michel Déjean of their passage in Japan in 2007. They worked in the Arts department of the University of Osaka, but had also travelled around to make acquaintance with the country that was unknown to them. These recent works are the personal testimony of what they were able to study and retain of that traditional and contemporary world. Wonderments in the discoveries of everyday life, the artist had been captivated by the audacity and the wisdom of the places as well as the people. Photos, collages, paintings, sculptures and ceramics are the techniques that they used in order to propose these “pieces of memory” and “pieces of homage”.

Opening on the 28th of November starting from 6.30 p.m.