e.toile – Laurent Reynès


26 November – 1st December 2013, Strasbourg

Council of Europe front

Within the framework of e.city – Europe

Laurent REYNES e.toile, 2013

Laurent Reynes is an architect, Doctor of arts, lecturer at the Architecture School of Strasbourg, artist and sculptor.

Laurent Reynes transforms the facade of the Council of Europe to give the building a new look, a different interpretation. The use of ropes reveals a mesh, a web as a seductive lace fabric. This thread will cover the walls, revealing a second skin. The painting as a metaphor of the web and the internet, the painter and his painting, media and communication, but also the social fabric as picture link between individuals.

The rope is an ambivalent object, it induces actions contradictory meaning. In the words of the artist: “A rope used to bind, in the sense of liaisonner, attach, create links. It can serve as a lifeline, it can save lives but it also serves to bind, without being able to tie undone, without being able to release the sense of imprisonment. It can even go up to death.” L.R.

With the support of Meyer-Sansboeuf ropery