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Gareguine ZAKOYAN, Kajaran. Métamorphose de la pierre, 2002
Gareguine ZAKOYAN, « Kajaran. Métamorphose de la pierre », 2002

Born on April 5, 1947 in Erevan, Gareguine Zakoyan graduated from the department of Russian philology at the University of Erevan. From 1972 to 1992, he worked at the Institute of Fine Arts of the Academy of Sciences in the Department Cinema and Television. In 1992, he founded the National Cinematheque (“Filmadaran”). He is also a member of the Union of Armenian Filmmakers. Since 1972, numerous texts by Zakoyan have been published, and more than a thousand articles have appeared, both in journals and catalogues. In addition, he is the author and editor of fifteen works such as “Silent Armenian Cinema,” “Language and Cinema,” “The Armenians in the World of Cinema,” etc… A former professional companion and disciple of Sergueï Paradjanov, Gareguine Zakoyan today embodies the living memory of the saga of Armenian cinema. In addition, he has striven to promote the documentary format which, even while offering an informational content, at the same time permits an approach to reality which is esthetic, symbolical and in fact poetical.

Kajaran. Metamorphosis of Stone”, 2002, 42 ’

The mountains are destroyed by human beings… All sorts of machines and tools “kill” the stone right before our eyes, reducing it to dust. The camera inexorably records all the stages of the agony of these rocks. But their death is also a liberation, a transfiguration. Thus the stone is destined for another life. Humanity here plays out its principal role, which is to transform and to cultivate the world, the earth which it inhabits.

Art in Detention”, G. Zakoyan, G. Melkonyan, 1998, 26′

This film plunges us into the universe of an Armenian prison where the system of incarceration symbolizes the Soviet model. In order to confront this situation and to attempt to preserve their dignity, many prisoners use the objects which surround them to devote themselves to artistic activities.

Monolog/Heritage”, 2006

Interactive presentation concerning the artistic work of Sergueï Paradjanov