Michal Pecko

Residence of Michal Pecko

8th Septembre 2013 – 8th December 2013


Michal Pecko, from the project Sonntag stein. Shelters, 2011

The crossed-residences program established by the City of Strasbourg, gives every year the opportunity for several artists to enrich their personal and professional development through an experience in a foreign country. In this context, in 2012, the City of Strasbourg welcomed the Polish artist Dorota Walentynowicz. Few months later, Patrick Bogner, photograph from Strasbourg, developed an artistic project over several trips to Gdansk. The residences are supervised by the Apollonia association and “Laznia” Center for Contemporary Art in Gdansk.

Michal Pecko , Polish artist invited in crossed residences, considers the city as a living organism, constantly changing. He will try to analyze, during his three months in Strasbourg, parallel situations between Gdansk and Strasbourg through documents found on site, and to give life to these spaces “in between.”