Exhibition – Contemporary photography

Apollonia’s stand at St’art – November 2010

Iosif KIRALY Reconstruction. Berlin, Palais de la République 1, 2004-2009

Artists: Michele Bressan, Alexandra Croitoru, Regele Ionescu, Iosif Kiraly, Luminitza Liboutet, Roxana Trestioreanu

Curator: Irina Cios – Bucharest offers a selection of works chosen by Irina Cios, art critic and director of the International Contemporary Arts Center of Bucharest. Irina Cios is also a co-author of the book: Photography in contemporary art – Romanian tendencies after 1989.
Made in two parts, the project illustrates current trends in creative Romanian photography, by shedding light on works that are based on the reflections of a new urban context.
During the month of November 2010, Apollonia’s venue will host the first part of this project. The second part was held at St’art ‘s site. “Multiplicities” questions the various sensations generated by city life, with all the features of communisim still fresh. The urban picture is a folded one. It reveals and hides, it makes transitions, it establishes links and then splits. The city is always changing and its structures can be folded, unfolded, and folded up again as one participates in the visual reading, thereby giving many approaches and interpretations.

The urban image defines the framework of multiple identities and simultaneously  relates to several time-space realities. Recent past, intimacy, time-picture, icon, others, mobility, re-construction, are some of the keys of suggested readings. The dialogue between generations of artists leads to a diversification of views.
Michele Bressan explores the persistance of recent history’s tracks in daily life. Alexandra Croitoru works using playful and ironic techniques for discussing the problem of national identity. Regele Ionescu plays with time by breaking filmic support down in a re-meditation process. Iosif Kiraly, one of the initiators and trainers of the contemporary photography school, links the imprints of our minds with photographic snapshots. Similar as veiled and superposed memories, pictures of Losif Kiraly’s articulation puts different temporal moments in the same spatial surroundings, while maintaining the expressiveness of each moment. Luminita Liboutet offers a journey in the world of sensation, taste, desire, and emotion produced by urban life. The identity quest out of cultural belonging, leads to a perpetual redefinition according to new life’s hypostasis. Roxana Trestioreanu‘s proposition interrogates femininity and the mysterious universe of spell, doubled with a seductive tension, an active life directed by pressure of effectiveness and daily’s responsibilities.The overall project illustrates current trends in creative Romanian photography, by taking into account different profiles, and using reflections of an emerging urban  context.