No limits, Peter Weibel

exhibitions - round table - performances - projections - concert

From 4 March until 2 July 2011


Peter WEIBEL “Principle of Resistance”, 1971

Combining imagination and technical mastery, utopian fancy and media and society criticism, Peter Weibel is above all an artist who, with wit and humour, makes the most of the freedom of his creative action, at the crossroads of poetry, media, philosophy and visual arts.

As one of the main figures of the reflection and art practice of our time, Peter Weibel, who started his work in the trend of the Viennese Actionnists, remains poorly known by the French public. Thanks to the collaboration of several contemporary art partners from Strasbourg, the multiple dimensions, worlds and personalities of the artist are to be highlighted in our city.

Under the ambigious title No limits, Peter Weibel’s encyclopaedic work is being displayed from March to July 2011: from Visual Poetry at the Multimedia library André Malraux, to the installations gathered under the name From virtual to augmented reality in the Apollonia Venue, the journey will continue at the Salle des fêtes du Palais du Rhin where the exhibition Rewriting Europe is being shown, and will end up at the Auditorium of the Museums of Strasbourg where a selection of events around Peter Weibel’s work is being organized (round table, concert, the artist’s performances and a selection of videos).

7 May 2011 stands at the high point of the project. The public was then invited to take part of the meeting organized by the Auditorium of the Museums of Strasbourg and thereafter to walk around the various places of exhibition with the artist.

Apollonia presents Peter Weibel, from 4 March until 2 July 2011 in Strasbourg, in collaboration with the Auditorium of the Museums of Strasbourg, the Multimedia and Art libraries of the City of Strasbourg and the Frank Pages Gallery, Baden-Baden.

Project supported by the Austrian Cultural Forum.





1. Visual poetry
Multimedia library André Malraux, Strasbourg
Exhibition until 2 July 2011

Words, books, letters… An invitation to wander along the floors and the shelves.

2. From virtual to augmented reality
Apollonia Venue, Strasbourg
Opening on Saturday 7 May at 7 p.m. in the presence of Peter Weibel
Exhibition from 9 until 31 May 2011

Peter Weibel questions the role of media in the apprehention of reality, of history and of knowledge.

3. Rewriting Europe
Palais du Rhin (Rhine Palace), Strasbourg
Saturday 7 May 2011, from 4 to 7 p.m.
Visit with Peter Weibel on 7 May 2011 at 6 p.m.

During one day Peter Weibel occupies the Celebration Hall of the Rhine Palace in order to deliver his vision of Europe through three poignant installations.

4. No limits
Frank Pages Gallery, Baden-Baden
Opening on Saturday 7 May at 7 p.m.
Exhibition from 7 May until 2 July 2011

Frank Pages Gallary joins the “No limits” project and presents an exhibition of Peter Weibel, after a one-man show of the artist at Art Karlsruhe 2011.

Programme of the Auditorium of the Museums of Strasbourg

4 thematic events

Peter Weibel and media globalisation
Saturday 7 May 2011, 2:30 – 4 p.m.
Round table

Peter Weibel is also a theoricist and a person in charge of institutions, such as the ZKM that he’s been managing since 1999. As a witness and major actor of the evolution of mass media for the past fifty years, this day will back on its globalization: on the way these media interpenetrate each others and form a new gathering of the fields of human action, and as well as on the way they stand at the center of globalization. The round table will gather Peter Weibel, Hans Belting and Eric Alliez.

Peter Weibel and performance CANCELED
Wednesday 11 May at 8 p.m.


From the mid-60s’, combining gesture to his practical experience of poetry and his linguistic reflection, Peter Weibel, on his own or with Valie Export, has been leading numerous performances. As one goes along, these performances will mingle with his work on film, extended cinema, video and on digital media.
According to the reenactment led by numerous artists those past years, Peter Weibel live reactivates several of his historical performances.
Due to illness of Peter Weibel the event was unfortunately canceled.

Peter Weibel and video
Tuesday 17 May at 7 p.m.

Whether it is used to provide information on his first performances, or that it becomes the place of new actions sometimes led for TV, or even that it sees itself mingled with other materials, since the 1960s’, Peter Weibel uses video as one of his main media choices.
Presentation by Jean-Michel Bouhours, curator of the modern collections department at the Musée National d’Art Moderne.
In partnership with Vidéo les Beaux Jours
6 € (reduced fare 4,5 €)

Peter Weibel, music and scene
Wednesday 25 May at 8 p.m.
Concert and performance by Hotel Morphilla Orchester and Chicks on Speed

Along his practice of performance, Peter Weibel took an interest in the traditional scene as a place of exhibition. As an opening, a recording of his media opera Der Künstliche Wille, created in 1984 at the occasion of the Ars Electronica Festival in Linz, will be shown. Followed with a concert performed by his conceptual rock band Hotel Morphila Orchester accompanied by videos of Tanz Baby! and by a musical performance of the electro-pop duet Chicks on Speed.
10 € (reduced fare 6,5 €)