Now you see me, Now you don’t


14 May 2008 at 6:30 p.m

apollonia venue, Strasbourg

Anastasia PARMSON “De-pressionism”, 2007

Think of an exhibition in a limited and condensed time, as something that takes place during one single evening filled with unrolling interventions.Think of an exhibition as an event where nothing is set in stone, where anything might happen and where the artists are the activators of their own work. All of which demands the audience extra attention at all times.

Four young artists try to engage a reflection around the principle of activation, whether it is of a memory, a place, a people, a culture… The mediums they use span from painting to sculpture, from video installation to performance, working together around the concept of the gesture of activation, questioning the state of inflexibility.

To activate in the sense of pointing out something, preventing it from falling into oblivion. To activate as a response to the concealment, to the neglect, whether it came from the society or was time’s doing.

In any case, the presented works are about signifying a presence, getting back into shape or giving visibility and making the audience a witness of these actions.


Program :

                                        18h30 :  early evening

                                        19h 00:  performance Arpentage et relevés

                                        19h30 :  poetry-action

                                        20h00 :  performance Black Blanc Biche

                                        20h30 :  slam

                                        21h00 :  performance Les passants

                                        21h30 :  poetry sonore