Untitled (Confrontation), 2008
We Were Perforated Already Before Our Birth, 2007

Born in 1985 in Tallin (Estonia), lives and works in Strasbourg




April 2007

Les Licences taillent la Zone
Exposition collective des étudiants en L6 Arts Visuels, galerie Pignon Nord à Zone d’Art, Strasbourg

Februar 2007

Poésie sonore/action dans le cadre des journées sur Guy Debord et la société du spectacle, Auditorium du Musée d’Art Moderne et Contemporain de Strasbourg

Februar 2007

Soirée de la Poésie-Action avec L’épongistes et Serge Pey, Palais Universitaire, Strasbourg

September 2004

Triennale du graphisme de Tallinn

May 2004

Group exhibitions
Travaux participants au VIII Concours de Création Libre de Vanalinna Hariduskolleegium
Galerie de SEB Eesti Ühispank, Tallinn

August 2003

Leitud tagahoovist (Trouvé dans la cour)
VI Congrès Régional Européen – congrès international de la formation artistique InSea OnSea, Bibliothèque Nationale d’Estonie, Tallinn


Whether the video installation, drawing or sound poetry – the work of Anastasia Parmson remains in the hidden (or internalized the inside) and presentation; between the precious and helpless. The pretext and starting finding of practical work is often a withdrawal into oneself. This is an internalization that becomes, by the fact of the stage and expose an opening – an externalization. His work often requires reading several times to discover the different elements of the installation, the various drawings. The video image is not demonstrated in his work, inviting the viewer to be curious, to move within the facility. His plastic work is based on facts and personal and autobiographical feelings, they do not try to impose its intimate meaning, but to open new ones. The work remains open to possible continuations in the spirit and the singular feeling of each viewer.

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Now you see me, Now you don’t