Collaboration with Apollonia : e.city – Ljubljana

Irena PIVKA is a Ljubljana-based artist, architect and scenographer /MA at Faculty for Architecture in Ljubljana, MA at St. Martins College of Art, London (MA scenography).
Together with Brane Zorman, she estabished CONA institute for processing Contemporary Arts. They realised seria of multimedia art project with main focus on immigration and integration process in our society. In 2008, CONA started production of a long term art project radioCona/Temporary Project radio For Contemporary Arts, which employs the space of a public radio frequency. She collaborated with the following galleries: Museum of Modern Art Ljubljana, Škuc, galery City Ljubljana, Maribor Art Gallery, A+A Venezia, Ozone Belgrade, ASC Graz, <rotor> Graz, Zerinthya Roma and many others… She received several international artists in residence programs and as guest artist she prepared several international presentations and artistic lectures about her work. As a set and costume designer, she designed over fifty scenographies and collaborated with the majority of performing and dance producers in Slovenia.

CONA Institute for Contemporary Arts Processing is non profit cultural institution based in Ljubljana Slovenia. CONA was established in the end of 2007 by Irena Pivka and Brane Zorman. Its main activity, mission and objective is production of contemporary art projects merging different fields of creativity, mainly classified in multimedia and musical arts, encouraging and producing education activities and publishing artists’ books and DVDs.

CONA processes contemporary art practices in relation to society, technology and space creatively connecting research art practices, technology, social-political issues and public space, radioart, soundart, locative media with the balanced inclusion of old and new technologies working and collaborating nationally and internationally with a string of acclaimed and renowned local and international artists, institutions and partners.

In 2008, CONA launched radioCona project- a platform for creation and promotion of radioart and soundart works that sets up the question of a new concepts of presenting and exhibiting in public space. Another long lasting project that evolved since 2009 ZVO.ČI.TI so.und.ing DUO is a musical series of electroacoustic performative sound events premiering works created in collaboration between a Slovenian and an international artist.

CONA in slovene language means ZONE.

Cona is member of Association of NGOs and free-lanced artists and cultural workers in Slovenia.


For 2023, Irena Pivka and Brane Zorman for CONA have signed up for the VITAL project. They have specifically created audio-technological headsets to set up an artistic and sound walk in the urban space of Strasbourg.