E.city – Ljubljana

2017 – 2018

E.city – Ljubljana:
GardenWalk – Irena Privka, Brane Zorman. ARTISTIC FOOTPATH.
“.Entry Point” – BridA. EXHIBITION.
Movement for public speech – Polonca Lovšin. INSTALLATION.
Moonolith – Martin Bricelj Baraga. INSTALLATION.
From art in the urban context to fiction and dystopia – Blinks. VIDEO EXHIBITION.
Sketch for a Pavilion – Miha Štrukelj. INSTALLATION.
Tea for Five, Opium Clippers – Neja Tomšič. WORKSHOP.

The city of Ljubljana enjoys a great number of creators and artistic projects related to urbanity and to changes affecting contemporary cities. Apollonia brings together artists, architects, composers who produce and display artworks questioning cities’ identity and evolution.

E.city – Ljubljana especially focuses on new technologies, environment and urban sounds through the work of artists such as BridA/Tom Kerševan, Sendi Mango, Jurij Pavlica, Radio Cona (Brane Zorman & Irena Pivka), Miha Strukelj, Polonca Lovsin, Martin Bricelj and Neja Tomsic.

A selection of art videos and a new experience built through a sound art itinerary  give a great opportunity to discover several aspects of Slovenian contemporary arts scene.