Gardenwalk – Irena Pivka, Brane Zorman


Within the framework of – Ljubljana

The duo Brane Zorman and Irena Pivka presents a sound walk in situ of approximately 2km in the streets of Robertsau. This walk invites visitors to understand and discover the history of the area and the participative garden of Apollonia. A equipment will be provided to the the public in order to enjoy this artistic footpath.

Irina Pivka, Brane Zormang gardenWALK, 2017

This is an artistic footpath enhanced by several interactive installations. This footpath will link the Apollonia Garden to the Lieu d’Europe and the streets of the Robertsau area in Strasbourg.

Thanks to subtle inserts of the sounds of the shared garden and its urban environment, as well as the modulation of the sound environment showing the perspectives of the evolution of the neighbourhood, the sound walk leads the public to live a new experience in the Robertsau neighbourhood.

In this project, the garden and gardening play the metaphorical role of reappropriating the urban environment and the changes it can produce in local society.

Co-production: Cona Institut Ljubljana.