Project of Gaisha MADANOVA


Apollonia starts in 2014 an experimental project aimed at involving youth in support of artistic interventions in the democratic development of our Cities.

Project steps:

• Constitution of a team, with the involvement of an artist, technical and artistic team and a group of young people in search of employment.
First-Citizen Lab began in October 2014, a young artist from Kazakhstan, Gaisha Madanova (see draft below).

• Establishment of a laboratory and a citizen participatory workshop with the support and supervision of cultural and social structures identified in the field (ACCORD, local missions …).

• Training young people at all stages of the project.

• Creation of a unique art project in neighborhoods of Meinau, Neuhof, Elsau …

• Development of a sustainable model for helping young people to form, to open up new routes through the implementation of participatory urban art projects.


This work is a continuation of the “Bird Catcher” project and presented here in the form of installation. The basis of this project is the event that Gaisha MADANOVA has witnessed during one of her trips: birds market where real small birds were packed in small bags and hung on the wall. Waiting for the buyer, the birds were screaming and trembling in the bag, causing strange feelings. The artist was very impressed by this scene. Therefore, with this project Gaisha refers to the image of a bird and the image of a tree as one of the key archetypes.

Four propositions of Gaisha MADANOVA for her project « Bird Catcher » :

1. A green tree on wich dozens of small radbags are hung. Inside the bags there is a mechanism that causes them to jerk as if there were real birds inside the bags. We can also hear the sound of birds.

2. Almost the same idea, but this time the tree is leafless.

3. Grouped bird cages that form a construction (or a labyrinth). One real bird will be placed inside this construction and will stay there permanently.

4. A construction formed by grouped bird cages that are hung on a ceiling with the help of hooks. Because of birds placed inside each cage, this construction moves. The construction will be covered by a white fabric.

Once chosen, the artistic proposal will take shape with the participation of youth and neighborhood residents in a collaborative and participatory citizen spirit.