Residence of Mathieu Boisadan and François Génot

Residences, November - December 2009, Banja Luka, Bosnia-Herzegovina

Mathieu Boisadan

The initial idea is a wish of the two artists to travel around a common project, a time of exchange and reflection towards new horizons.

Their meeting with apollonia, which specialises in European exchanges, led to the set up of the project in collaboration with the museum…

The objective is to allow these two artists to get out of the studio and to share the gestation phase of their practice. But also to venture to imagine a project on the fringe of their usual practices, or even to work together.

It is a question of distancing oneself from a local “working context”, and of confronting a territory with unknown landscapes and inhabitants in order to finally try to find a resonance to their work and to allow new avenues of reflection.

In addition to this, the two German artists were involved in the exhibition at the National Museum in Banja Luka and the support of the Goethe Institute, which heralds ambitious possibilities for an artistic dynamic without frontiers?

Process in two phases :

Bosnie, 2009

Residence during 21 days in Banja Luka

Exhibition of existing works at the end of the stay at the Museum of Contemporary Art of the Serbian Republic of Bosnia, Banja Luka

France, 2010

Exhibition at apollonia venue, Strasbourg

Publication of an edition as a summary of the project