Born on 1963 in Strasbourg. Lives and works in Mulhouse (Brunstatt).




After a DNSEP at the Academy of Decorative Arts in Strasbourg in 1986 with congratulations, the success of her strong experiences and numerous realisations, in workshop, in theatral environment, and in residences in situ (hospital environment, social environment, suburbs…) has afford a pluridiscisciplinary form of creation, that she develops in going to adapted places for these medium (Poitiers, Audiovisual Pole Montbéliard, CICV Ars Numerica…), she goes on with various formations around multimedia new devices. Her personal reasoning is always irrigated by her creativity which gives to the sense a fondamental place.





2008 Maison rouge fondation Antoine de Galbert , june, Paris
Video creation & installation for the Compagnie PandoraEdition
2000-2006 Processus “cité Merveilleuse” , “Etre de Papier”,  “Rumeur Téléphonique” and “Echo du Charbon”
2007 10th Anniversary of t

he André Malraux’ Contemporian Art Venue, Colmar Beaux Arts Museum
“Bientôt chez vous”, Mulhouse
2006 Kunsthalle Palazzo , Liestal (Switzerland)Nuit blanche with the Heartgalerie, Paris
apollonia, european arts exchanges, Strasbourg “Parallèles” Biennal of Contemporian Art, Brie Comte Robert
2004 “les 80 ans de ma mère” , Morvan
“Silence/Totalité” video presentation, at the lavoir moderne parisien, Paris
Contemporian European Artistic Actions Center (CEAAC), Strasbourg
2003 Festival of contemporary Art Aluminium, Art et technologie, Baku (Azerbaijan)
Installation of “Silence/Totalité” at the gaîté Lyrique “Open source2”



Interview in “Place à l’art contemporain”, documentary serie by Jacques Bouzerand, France 5 Production
France 5/ Interview in « Place à l’art contemporain » documentary serie
« Provençale » projection of the video creation,  Strasbourg/ Cerney

MORVAN from Corbigny: Exhibition in situ of both installations during months
Opening and final installation of the video in situ (PMI Doller) of « Cité Nous », Mulhouse

Evening video, presentation : « SILENCE /TOTALE», at the Lavoir Moderne Parisien, Paris

Creations since 2000

Creation with the choregraph Philippe Trehet « Sea Interludes » by Benjamin Britten, Le Ballet national du Rhin
Audiovisual dyptic creation: « Etre à la Source», Natural regional Parc of the Ballons des Vosges
Video creation : « Provençale » with the Compagny of Mana Dance in interaction with choregraphy, Mulhouse
Video creation : «Cité nous» (27 minutes), set in situ (PMI Doller), interaction with the crowd, Mulhouse
The « 80 ans de ma mère », invited by the «Théâtr’éprouvette », Le Morvan :
Creation/Installation in situ with two old people:
– « Le gourbi de la vie » installation in situ
– «Le Pass’Age » Installation video, (cradle with TV)
Installation  video /feather/coal : « l’écho du charbon », Le Grand Combe (Ales)


2008 Montpellier from January to March selected for “Art, espace et frontières”
2003-2005 In the framework of “etre de papiers” : monitoring, action, reflexion of various characters in a time to the realisation of video paintings, à Baka (Azerbaidjan) , Shanghai (China) , Belgrade (Serbia)
2002 Writing and realisation residence at the CICV Pierre Schaeffer, video paintings, installation.
2000-2002 Within the framework of “Cité Merveilleuse” , at the hospital center of Mulhouse


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