September – October 2001 Strasbourg
December 2001 Thessaloniki

Milcho Manchevski “Who loves you, baby?”, 1998

Artist: Milcho Manchevski

Curators: Miroslav Popovic et Julijana Kralevska

As well as being a well-known film director – his film “After the rain” won the Golden Lion at the Venice Festival 1994 – Milcho Manchevski also excels as a photographer. His incisive compositions, raw lighting and bright, almost saturated colours are the hallmark of his very personal style, which is firmly anchored in the contemporary reality of his country.

Born in Skopje (Republic of Macedonia) in 1959, Milcho Manchevski grasps unique and fugitive moments for eternity: street scenes, situations from everday life, people in activity… open to the public within the skope of the Forum in Thessaloniki, this exhibition also presented in Strasbourg, gave an example of the acuity of his regard, his technic mastery and lucidity which forged his style and his photographs evoking the grain and colored magic of his films.

The exhibition has been realized in collaboration with the National Museum of Contemporary Art of Skopje.