The City of tomorrow, with or without the artists?


26 November 2013, Strasbourg

Council of Europe

Within the framework of – Europe

Alicja KARSKA and Aleksandra WENT, from the series City project, 2008-2009
Artotheque of Strasbourg

What can help to cross and integrate approaches of artists and developers? How to involve artists and citizens together in a process of redevelopment? What place our artists in the process of urban transformation?

The City, the foundation of our contemporary democracies emerging from a dense and complex interdisciplinary network. Art or rather the aesthetic dimension is also included in the identity of the city, often reinforcing its reputation, its influence. But beyond the decorative aspect, sometimes even functionalist conformist , what is it all about the involvement of contemporary creative processes in the genesis of an urban project ?

Despite a common open reflection of urban development strategies and to involve new looks, new concepts and despite various artistic experiences in public space, it will be noted that there opposition, misunderstandings and antagonisms between the protagonists involved in this type of approach.

Think and build the city efficiently and not functional yet seems to meet the needs and wishes of citizens who wish to live the city and participate in the redevelopment of their environment. Policy and decision makers must understand that the imagination, memory, transience, utopia can create meaning, it is possible to rethink the city otherwise, with and for citizens.

Inviting planners, artists, geographers, architects, political and cultural operators and involving our network, we want to open and stimulate debate through the presentation of practical situations conducted in many European cities.