e.city – Rethymno: Tourism & Economy

Life style exhibition

22 – 27 octobre 2012

Tent on Place Kléber, Strasbourg

Within the framework of e.city – Réthymno

On Place Kleber, visitors had the opportunity to visit the commercial-financial sector of e.city – Rethymno. Unique local Cretan products (cereals, oil, wine, herbs, honey etc.) as well as some creations inspired by the Cretan tradition (silver craft, ceramic art amongst others) were presented there.

The emphasis was focused on the promotion of Rethymno as a tourist destination. More specifically, an attempt was made to move from mass tourism to thematic-alternative (sports, cultural, religious and architectural) tourism, while trying to regain the credibility of the country abroad and creating a new positive climate towards Greece in European citizens.