Residence – Workshop

Cultural center Django Reinhardt – November 2010

Within the framework of: E.CITY – BUCHAREST


e.cités… wants to imply artists in the city development. For this reason, a meeting between students of the national superior architecture school of Strasbourg’s city and romanian artists, is organized. This trade gives the opportunity to discuss and question the relation between artists and cities.

As a result of this thoughtfulness, and with the help of artistic look and creative inspiration, a restoration project of the works will be organized by students of different schools.

Romanian artist invited and in charge of the project : Irina BOTEA and Dan CALIN.

Young assistant, AMUP laboratory’s searchers : OULA collective and Andreea GRIGOROVSCHI

Teachers : Laurent REYNES (workshop’s scientific assistant), François DUCONSEILLE, Jean-Christophe LANQUETIN, Dominik NEIDLINGER.

Students : Group of about 20 students, 4th grade. (ENSAS/ESADS)

When art and architecture get into it. « Look on Stockfeld »

Architecture and contemporary art meet in a three days work on a model territory of Strasbourg : the city-garden of Stockfeld and its natural and urban surroundings. How to create, on this territory at the border of the metropolis, urban areas that held human, his customs and lifestyle, his perception and sensibility, in the center of the work ? How to make a link between this city-garden, example of beginning of 20th century forefront urbanism, and the whole surrounding territories ? How artists and architects can use this 20th century herited place, that now seems introverted ? How to imaginate time and urban space of tomorrow, faced to cross-border problems ?

The workshop suggests to think about these questions through the look of foreign architects and artists. Two romanian artists – Irina BOTEA et Dan CALIN –, present for E-cité project, are invited to work with twenty arts and architecture students who come from different culture. Four teachers are also in charge of the work – Laurent REYNES (scientific assistant of the workshop), François DUCONSEILLE, Jean-Christophe LANQUETIN, Dominik NEIDLINGER – respectively artists and architects of the ESADS and the ENSAS, and is accompagnated of young searchers of AMUP laboratory – OULA et Andreea GRIGOROVSCHI’ collective. The goal of the workshop is to understand how strasbourg’s type of habitat, areas and daily’s life space, could be read differently and go out of this isolation and forget that the city seems to suffer. The foreign look could help us to look for interraction with inhabitant and to suggest system and new tools for our future metropolitan’ projects.

The result of the three days workshop were communicated and discussed during the round table Quand l’art et l’architecture s’en mêlent. « Récits d’urbanités », hold on Novembre 5th 2010.