e.city – Bucharest


Iosif KIRALY Reconstruction. Bucharest – Europe Day 2, 2004  


– Before a national anthem. EXHIBITION.
– Multi-pli-cités – CONTEMPORARY PHOTOGRAPHY, 1990-2010. EXHIBITION.
– Bucarest, Between two wars – HISTORICAL PHOTOGRAPHY. EXHIBITION.
– From Manaki to nowadays. VIDEO ART.
– Irina Botéa and Dan Calin. RESIDENCE – WORKSHOP.
– Urbanity stories – When art and architecture come into it. COLLOQUIUM.

…Brings an international presence to Strasbourg through diverse projects of different European cities…

Launched and organised by apollonia, the e.city… project invites different European cities to Strasbourg, to present the most dynamic and remarkable aspects of their culture.

e.city… focuses on issues of local development by incorporating contemporary creation in urban projects.

Apollonia is a dynamic organization which strives to build strong ties between local and international networks.

Previous experiences of Apollonia and its partners, concerning both the reception and exchange between artists, has prompted the association to think differently from a traditional approach. Instead, it has led to different ways of thinking about an artist’s city.

The goal of e.city… is to present different perspectives to the city of Strasbourg, by considerering the city as an open venue for artistic expression. An outsider’s point of view enables a valorization of Strasbourg’s treasures and a rediscovery of the city by its own residents, while bringing these aspects out on an European scale. Furthermore, Strasbourg’s residents will have opportunities to meet through various events around the country.

This first issue, e.city… offers a French-Romanian immersion between Strasbourg and Bucharest.


After the success of Strasbourg’s edition of e.city – Bucharest in the fall of 2010, the sets of the exhibitions was taken over by two renown institutions: the Museum of Modern Art of Saint-Etienne (FR) in December 2011-February 2012 and the Walloon Center of Contemporary Art in Liege (BE) in February-March 2012.

The last step led the project to its origins, to Bucharest, in May-June 2012, in collaboration with the International Center for Contemporary Art, Bucharest & The Ark.