LOST – Michael Bielicky and Kamila B. Richter

Monographic exhibition

Strasbourg 2016

Within the framework of: E.CITY PRAGUE

Lost Objects, Prague, December 2015


The Garden of Error and Decay tells the continuous story of current world disasters. In addition to the author, Twitter users and stock exchange information both influence the story development. Each time a disaster is related, the topic is then discussed on Twitter and displayed in form of an animated pictogram. Users have the opportunity to either eliminate or multiply the disaster scenes with a fictional shooting. However, the user has no influence on the events. As in real life, everything is driven by stock exchange dynamics; the latters dictate whether it goes up or down. In that way, the innovative moving image system is similar to a real-time, data driven story. This project is neither a movie nor a game. This work raises the question of the relationship between individual and global events.

LOST, Apollonia 2016