e.city – Ljubljana / Artistic footpath


The city of Ljubljana has a great number of atypical artistic projects related to urbanity and to changes affecting contemporary cities. Apollonia brings together artists, architects, composers who will produce and display artworks questioning cities’ identity and evolution.

e.city – Ljubljana especially focuses on new technologies, environment and urban sounds through the work of artists such as BridA, Brane Zorman & Irena Pivka, Polonca Lovšin, Martin Bricelj and the others to come.

The second part of the e.city – Ljubljana cycle is an artistic footpath enhanced by several interactive installations. This footpath will link the Apollonia Garden to the Lieu d’Europe and the streets of the Robertsau area in Strasbourg.

Artistic footpath in Strasbourg
Inauguration on 27th October 2017 at 5 p.m. Apollonia venue

From the Movement for public speech participative installation by Polonca Lovšin in Apollonia’s garden to the interactive Moonolith by Martin Bricelj Baraga in front of Lieu d’Europe, you are guided through the gardenWALK sound artwork by Irena Pivka & Brane Zorman through the streets of the Robertsau area…

In collaboration with the Lieu d’Europe

3 appointments with the artists not to miss:

Thursday 26/10
6:30 p.m. opening of Moonolith by Martin Bricelj Baraga, in the presence of the artist
Lieu d’Europe / Parc Henri-louis Kayser – 8 rue Boecklin 67000 Strasbourg

Friday 27/10
5:30 and 18:15 p.m. gardenWALK with the artists Irena Pivka & Brane Zorman*
Meeting at Apollonia venue – 23 rue Boecklin 67000 Strasbourg
*prior registration necessary

Saturday 28/10
3 p.m. performance Movement for public speech by Polonca Lovšin and Strasbourg citizens*, in the presence of the artist
Apollonia participative artistic garden at the corner of the streets Boecklin / Hugo Grotius
Any person who would like to take part in the performance by reading a text on the LIBERTY topic is kindly asked to contact Apollonia team before 27/10.

Artists, artworks and practical information:

Moon_day_SmallMartin Bricelj Baraga, Moonolith, since 2012

Martin Bricelj Baraga
, since 2012
Moonolith is an interactive monument for public space, reflecting the moon and the constellations of the stars on its surface. It is a monument dedicated to citizens, a tribute to the dark matter, the emptiness of space, time and its path.
Moonolith is a dark reflection of the sky – with subtle sounds and lights, it illuminates and reflects the moon’s phases, the constellation of stars and the people who surround it.

* The light effects can be seen at sunset (6:30 p.m.) until 10:00 p.m. (closing time of the park), from Thursday 26/10 to Sunday 5/11

ConaIrena Pivka / Brane Zorman, gardenWALK, 2017

Irena Pivka/Brane Zorman
, 2017
The duo Brane Zorman and Irena Pivka presents a sound walk in situ of approximately 2km in the streets of Robertsau. This walk invites visitors to understand and discover the history of the area and the participative garden of Apollonia. A equipment* will be provided to the the public in order to enjoy this artistic footpath.
Co-production: Cona Institut Ljubljana.

*Equipment available at Apollonia venue until 17th of December (We-Fri 11 a.m. – 6 p.m / Sa-Su 2-6 p.m.).

Movement_01_Maribor_2015Polonca Lovšin, Movement for Public Speech, since 2015

Polonca Lovšin
Movement for Public Speech
, 2015 – ongoing
This artistic device imagined by the artist implies an active participation of the public. Every participant can improvise himself as a speaker on the platform which is accessible from the stairs, but at one condition… find his own public! The speaker’s speech can be heard only if someone is moving on the platform underneath, generating with those movements energy.

* Visible from Friday 27/10 to Sunday 5/11 at the Apollonia participative artistic garden at the corner of the streets Boecklin / Hugo Grotius (opening hours We-Fri 11 a.m. – 6 p.m / Sa-Su 2-6 p.m.)

Concept development, product design and production of prototypes of electricity generators powered with human power: Asst. dr. Andrej Cupar, Dipl. Ing. Mech. Eng. – product designer, University of Maribor, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Laboratory for Engineering Design / Asst. Prof. dr. Jasmin Kaljun, Dipl. Ing. Mech. Eng. – product designer, Laboratory for Intelligent CAD Systems, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, University of Maribor, Slovenia.