Born in 1959, Paphos. Lives and works in Paphos. After working as an accountant for some years in London, he studied Fine Arts at the KIAD, graduating in 1993. He mainly uses video, but also film and photography as his media of expression. His themes come from his personal milieu, investigating time and space as […]


     Born in 1963, Nicosia. Lives and works in Nicosia.      He studied physics and Fine Arts in the USA and Spain. He is now PhD candidate at the Aegean University. As a visual artist he was selected and represented Cyprus and Greece in different European and international Salons / exhibitions, such as […]


    Born in Nicosia. Lives and works in Nicosia.   STUDIES 2006-2007MA Film and Television Production, University of Bristol, Bristol,England 2001- 2004 BA of Science in Communication, Intercollege, Nicosia, Cyprus   FILM EXPERIENCE   2004 Avra Film Production House, “Elenis Olive” by Yianna Americanou, Production Assistant Frame by Frame, “Nous” by Spiros Platis, Production […]


   Born in 1977, Nicosia. Lives and works in Nicosia.   STUDIES I was graduated from high school in 1994 and in the same year in Turkey I continue my education at Hacettepe University, Department of painting at Fine-Arts Faculty. After 2 years I have transferred to Department of the Radio, TV and Film Studies […]


Born in 1963 in Nicosia. Lives and works in Nicosia. Double major BA Art and Environmental Design UCSC, California, USA.  Mphil Art Lancaster University, UK. Diploma of Architecture (RIBA 2), Canterbury Institute of Art and Design. Awarded “Outstanding International Student” UCSC, Le Grand Prix, 20th International Biennale of Alexandria, Egypt and multimedia award […]


 Born in 1958, Limassol. Lives and works in Nicosia. SELECTED SOLO AND GROUP EXHIBITIONS   2006  ’’Porus Borders”, 10th international architectural exhibition “La Biennale di Venezia”, Italy “Femmes d’Europe”, Saint-Tropez, France “Genin”, performance, Theatre Atis, Athens, Greece   2005  “Leaps of faith”, Nicosia, Cyprus “Accidental Meetings”, Nicosia Municipal Arts Centre Going Public, “Communities and Territory”, […]


  Born in 1972, Limassol. Lives and works in North Cyprus . She graduated from the Fine Arts Faculty of Hacettepe University with a first-class department and faculty ranking. She completed her master’s degree as a research assistant and returned to Cyprus in 2001. She lectured optional sculpture courses at the Art History and Archeology […]


Born in 1969, Paphos. Lives and works in Paphos. Graduated in1990 from Gazi University (Ankara), Faculty of Education, Department of Art and Craft, with a BA, he completed his MA degree in 1992 and his Ph.D. degree in 1996 at Hacettepe University (Ankara), Faculty of Fine Arts, Department of Graphic Design. He is […]


  Lives and works in Nicosia. Papacharalambous Maria was born in 1964, Nicosia. maria@ She studied at the School of Fine Arts in Athens and at the Faculdad de Belles Artes in Spain. As a visual artist she realized eight solo exhibitions and participated in various group ones. She was also selected and represented […]



    Born in Nicosia. Lives and woks in Nicosia. Studied Fine Arts at Wimbledon School of Art, St. Martins School of Art, Pratt New York, and New York University Doctorate Program.    She has ten solo exhibitions in counties such as Cyprus, United States, Finland, and China.     Most important international participations     2006 […]

Welcome to Paradise (Lost)

18 June 2007 - 24 August 2007

from 18th June to 24th August 2007 Old Apollonia Venue12 RUE DU FAUBOURG DE PIERRE – 67000 STRASBOURG (France) Artists: Azat Sargsyan (azat) / Vazgen Pahlavouni-Tadevossian (VAZO) Vernissage the 15th of June 2007 at 7.30pm with the artists RESIDENCE OF AZAT AND VAZO Residence / pedagogic workshop june 2007 Wattwiller, Alsace PUBLICATION CaucasusArménie – Azerbaïdjan – Géorgiephotographie, cinéma, […]

Residence of Azat and VAZO

11 June 2007 - 20 June 2007

11th June – 20th June 2007 Wattwiller, Alsace (France) See Welcome to Paradise  June 2007 Wattwiller, Alsace pedagogical workshops Intervention of the artist in a primary school class artistic workshop at the primary school of Wattwiller, May 1st 2007 artistic workshop at the primary school of Wattwiller, May 15, 2007


    Born in 1980 in Yerevan, Armenia.     STUDIES   1998-2004 M.F.A Yerevan academy of Arts, Yerevan, Armenia   EXHIBITIONS   2006 “Art without borders” ACCEA, Yerevan, Armenia “Armenian international style” Akanat art gallery, Yerevan, Armenia 2005 “Liberte Egalite Fraternite” ACCEA, Yerevan, Armenia Memory and Identity group exhibition in the framework of the […]


 Born 1973, Vanadzor, Armenia. Died 2011, Yerevan.  Lived and worked in Yerevan. STUDIES   1993-1999   Academy of Fine Arts, Yerevan, Armenia 1989 -1993 College of Arts, Yerevan, Armenia   SELECTED  GROUP  EXHIBITIONS     2006      Art Without Border, ACCEA, Yerevan, Armenia Don’t Be Afraid, ACCEA, Yerevan, Armenia 2005     Memory and Identity, in the framework […]


Born in 1947 in Erevan in Armenie. Lives and works in Erevan Gareguine Zakoyan is an university graduate of Erevan, Department of Russian Philology. From 1972 till 1992, he works on the Institute of the Fine arts of the Academy of the Sciences, Département Cinéma and Television. In 1992, it the National Film library (Film […]


Azat Sargsyan et Vasgen Pahlavouni-Tadevossian hommage aux Demoiselles d’Avignon     Born in 1955 in Gyumri, Vazgen Pahlavuni-Tadevossian said VAZO is the founder and former president of the Contemporary Art Center of Gyumri, founder of the International Biennial of Contemporary Art in Gyumri, Publishing Director and Editor Armenian magazine “Art Today” since 2002. He attended […]


Born in 1956, Malouna. Lives and works in Nicosia and Paris.   LAST SOLO EXHIBITIONS    2006 UNESCO, Paris, France 2005 Diatopos Atr Center, Nicosia, Cyprus 2004 Gallery Beacker, Cologne, Germany 2003 Morphy Gallery-Limassol, Cyprus Bohem Press and Gallery Andersen, Zurich, Switzerland 2001 Ileana Touda- Centre of Contemporary Art, Athens   LAST GROUP EXHIBITIONS   […]


  Born in 1965 in Yerevan, Azat Sargsyan studied from 1982 to 1984 at the Yerevan Art University. He continued his studies at the Surikov Institute in Moscow and the fémis. Versatile artist in the visual arts, it exposes individual projects and also participated in international group exhibitions.   IN THE FRAMEWORK ON Welcome to […]


 Born 1960 in Yerevan, Armenia. EXHIBITIONS   2006         “Armenian International Style”, group show, Akanat gallery, Yerevan 2004 Art Caucasus, Tbilisi, Georgia 2003            “Adieu Parajanov – contemporary art from Armenia”  Kunsthalle, Vienna, Austria 2002           “Cross Line”, group show, HAY-ART c.c., Yerevan “Affirmative”, group show, ACCEA, Yerevan “Not Dedicated…”, group show, HAY-ART c.c., […]


Born in 1959 in Gyumri in Armenia. STUDIES     Yerevan Fine Arts Institute   EXHIBITIONS   2006 Armenian Internationale stile.Acanat Gallery.Armenia. “Sea,Dreams and Illusions”Internationale Biennale of Gyumry.Armenia. ”Grand Bleu”Intern.exhibition.Gevorkyan Gallery.Armenia. 2005 On the Move.Armenishe Kunst stellen aus.Vienna.Austria.   2003 ”Appendix 2”, project MAF, Tbilisi History Museum, Gorgia “Getting Closer”, IFA- Gallery, Berlin, Germany Nov. […]