From Manaki to nowadays

26 November 2010

Exhibition – Art video Apollonia’s stand at St’art – November 2010 1. Projected visions – Romania. Video Art Artists : Claudiu Lucaci, Lucian Alexe, Dan Acostioaei, Eliza Muresan, Michele Bressan, Gili Mocanu, Cristian Ionescu, Cristina David, Signe Chiper-Lillemark Curator: Erwin Kessler « Projected visions », is a European itinerant art video’s project that exists since […]

Bucharest, between two wars

26 November 2010

Exhibition – Historic photography Apollonia’s stand at St’art – November 2010 Curator : Mihai Oroveanu National Contemporary Art Museum’s seat has been inaugurated in Bucharest, in 2004. Situated in the “People’s House”, the museum is situated on the seven floor, a 17 000 m2 area in which 40% of the space is used for exhibitions. […]


26 November 2010

Exhibition – Contemporary photography Apollonia’s stand at St’art – November 2010 Artists: Michele Bressan, Alexandra Croitoru, Regele Ionescu, Iosif Kiraly, Luminitza Liboutet, Roxana Trestioreanu Curator: Irina Cios – Bucharest offers a selection of works chosen by Irina Cios, art critic and director of the International Contemporary Arts Center of Bucharest. Irina Cios is also […]

Urbanity stories – When art and architecture come into it.

05 November 2010

Conference Lecture hall, l’Ecole supérieure des arts décoratifs de Strasbourg – November 2010 Participants : Cristiana MAZZONI / Dan CALIN / Collective Oulà / Irina BOTEA / Andrwea GRIGOROVSKI / Christophe DOMINO / Praline GAY PARA / Daniel PAYOT / Laurent REYNES / François DUCONSEILLE / Jean-Christophe LANQUETIN / Dominik NEIDLINGER / Christelle CARRIER / […]

Urban Transitions

05 November 2010 - 30 November 2010

Exhibition – Contemporary Photography Former Espace Apollonia – November 2010 Artists: Alexandra Croitoru, Iosif Kiraly, Andrei Mateescu, Studio Bazar (Alex Axinte & Cristi Borcan) Curator: Irina Cios Structured into two parts, this project invites the public to discover eight Romanian artists working in photography. While photography was fully recognized as an artistic medium in the […] – Bucarest

04 November 2010 Bucarest, published by Apollonia, european art exchanges, February 2011 133 pages, French Texts: Irina Botéa, Magda Carneci, Irina Cios, Calin Dan, François Duconseille, Erwin Kessler, Dimitri Konstantinidis, Cristiana Mazzoni, Dominik Neidlinger, Mihai Oroveanu, Daniel Payot, Laurent Reynes, Roland Ries, Catherine Saracco, Mirel R. Tanta, Marian Tutui. To receive your copy, please contact Apollonia. The […]

Before a National Anthem

04 November 2010

Monographic exhibition Italian Cultural Institute – November 2010 Within the framework of: – Bucharest Artist: Irina Botéa “The idea of Before a National Anthem occurred to me in Reina Sofia, when I saw the Spanish movie: canciones para despuès de una guerra, directed during the last year of Franco’s regime. This really amazing movie […]


Born in 1972 Austin Camilleri is an artist by profession working in video, installation, sculpture and painting. He studied at the University of Malta and at the Accademia Pietro Vannucci in Perugia, after winning a four-year scholarship in 1991. He is the founder of 356, founding member of StArt and Fundazzjoni Klula, and is a […]


02 November 2010

Residence – Workshop Cultural center Django Reinhardt – November 2010 Within the framework of: E.CITY – BUCHAREST e.cités… wants to imply artists in the city development. For this reason, a meeting between students of the national superior architecture school of Strasbourg’s city and romanian artists, is organized. This trade gives the opportunity to discuss and […] – Bucharest

2010 - 2012

2010-2012 E.CITY – BUCHAREST : – Before a national anthem. EXHIBITION.– Multi-pli-cités – CONTEMPORARY PHOTOGRAPHY, 1990-2010. EXHIBITION.– Bucarest, Between two wars – HISTORICAL PHOTOGRAPHY. EXHIBITION.– From Manaki to nowadays. VIDEO ART.– Irina Botéa and Dan Calin. RESIDENCE – WORKSHOP.– Urbanity stories – When art and architecture come into it. COLLOQUIUM. …Brings an international presence to Strasbourg through diverse projects of different European cities… Launched and […]