de Busschère Alec

  born in 1964 in Brussels Works and live in Brussels   Individual exhibitions : 1988 Galerie 175, Brussels, Belgium 1991 Etablissement d’en face, Brussels, Belgium 1992 Galerie C. von Scholz, Brussels, Belgium 1992 Galerie Etienne Tilman, Brussels, Belgium 1993 “Etat des lieux”, Galerie Etienne Tilman, Brussels, Belgium 1994 “Extension”, Athenéum, Dijon, France 1996 ” […]

Cook Peter

  Professor Sir Peter Cook RA, founder of Archigram, former Director the Institute for Contemporary Art, London (the ICA) and Bartlett School of Architecture at University College, London has been a pivotal figure within the global architectural world for over half a century. His ongoing contribution to architectural innovation was most recently recognised via the […]

Casebere James

James Casebere is a visual artist whose early work established him at the forefront of artists working with constructed photography. He grew up outside of Detroit, received his BFA from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design, attended the Whitney Independent Study Program, and received his MFA from Cal Arts, where he worked as Teaching Assistant to John […]

Bismuth Pierre

Born in 1963 in Paris, France Lives and works in Bruxelles, Belgium Grants, residences : 2005 Oscar dans la catégorie « Best Original Screenplay » avec Michel Gondry et Charlie Kaufman pour le filmEternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, de Michel Gondry / Oscar for the Best Original Screenplay with Michel Gondry and Charlie Kaufman for the movie Eternal Sunshine […]

Bublex Alain

Born in 1961 in Lyon (France) Lives et works between Lyon and Paris (France) Solo exhibitions (Selection) : 2015 Pavillon des Points de Vue, Paris La Défense, France (commande publique) 2014 Arrière-plan, Galerie GP & N Vallois, Paris, France 2013 Alain Bublex, Musée d’État d’Architecture, Moscou, Russie Une nuit sans sommeil, Frac Languedoc Roussillon,Montpellier, France 36 Mile […]

Dehove Claire

Depuis 2002, Claire Dehove développe son activité artistique avec WOS/agence des hypothèses, le collectif qu’elle a initiée. Avec ses membres et ses associés ponctuels et issus de champs variables, WOS expérimente des protocoles citoyens et politiques dans des espaces socialisés. WOS utilise les possibilités interactives de l’open source et de la géolocalisation pour générer des […]


 born in Marseille in 1971. He works and lives in Paris.  He is represented by Jousse Entreprise.  Louidgi Beltrame’s work is based on documenting modes of human organisation throughout the history of the 20th century. He travels to sites defined by a paradigmatic relation to modernity: Hiroshima, Rio de Janeiro, Brasilia, Chandigarh, Tchernobyl or the […]

Attia Kader

Born in 1970 in Dugny (France) ; Lives and works in Berlin and Algiers. Kader Attia (b. 1970, France), grew up in both Algeria and the suburbs of Paris, and uses this experience of living as a part of two cultures as a starting point to develop a dynamic practice that reflects on aesthetics and ethics of […]

Reynes Laurent

Né le 13 septembre 1961 à Montpellier Docteur en Art, Architecte D.P.L.G, Professeur à l’Ecole d’Architecture de Strasbourg depuis 1994 Expositions personnelles : Ettappenstall – Erstein – mai 2014 Salle Conrath – Strasbourg – mai 2014 Galerie Vivre Art – Isle sur Sorgues- août 2013 Musée du Struthof – Schirmeck mars/novembre 2013 Construction Abstraite infinie, […]

Pecko Michal

  Born in 1985 in Gdansk Studied on Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk and Academy of Fine Arts in Vilnius. He works on architecture, design and graphics including book illustrations. Public spaces, not only rural but also urban, interventions, diffusion of architecture, design and 2d projects are what his interested in most. Space that […]

Laurent Pierre

Architecture Early during his study he is interested by the relation between art and architecture. This questioning will be that one of his degree and will follow him in the different agencies where he will work (LACOMO, H2A…). He wants to experiment and built himself,  that’s why he designs and realizes architectural installations through France, […]

Szlaga Michał

Born in 1978 , in GdaÅ„sk/Poland. Visual artist and documentalist working with photography and film. Graduate of the Department of Photography at the Academy of Fine Arts in GdaÅ„sk/Poland. In his artistic practice he is preoccupied with Poland on many levels. His major projects are: *Stocznia Szlaga / Shipyard **Szlaga *(an album based on the […]


Zitta Sultanbayeva, born in 1964 and Ablikim Akmullaev, born in 1965 in Almaty, both live and work in Almaty Behind the name ZITABL lie two artists, photographers, video artists and performers, Ablikim Akmullaev, also a musician, and Zitta Sultanbayeva, who is also an art critic and journalist. Committed artists, they have participated in numerous group […]

Vorobyeva E. & V.

Vorobyev Viktor was born in 1959 in Pavlodar, Kazakhstan and Vorobyeva Elena was born in 1959 in Nebit-Dag, Turkmenistan, live and work in Almaty. Writers, visual artists (working installation, photography, video) and independent commissioners, Elena and Viktor Vorobyev form a duo of artists appeared on the contemporary scene from the 1990s. Their approach in which […]

Tryakhin-B. G.

Born in 1943 in Nizhneudinsk, Russia, Tryakhin-Bukharov Georgy lives and works in Amalty. Artist-flagship of the generation that shook the Soviet Socialist Republics in the 1980s, Tryakhin-Bukharov is the oldest of artists gathered for the exhibition “Life is a legend”. By this time, he makessculptural works and installations with a deep political content from everyday […]

Shatalova Oksana

Born in 1972, lives and works in Rudny, Kazakhstan. Artist, writer and independent curator, Oksana Shatalova developes a career of a photographer and videographer along with a critical work. Questioning the Soviet legacy through the prism of the individual, Shatalova built a personal work, not devoid of feminist concerns (the work East Woman shows a […]

Shalbayev A.

Shalbayev Arystanbek was born in 1959 in Kyzyl Ascer, Kazakhstan, lives and works in Almaty Member of the collective Kyzyl Traktor (“Red Tractor”) with Said Atabekov, Smaïl Bayaliev and Syrlybek Bekbotaev with whom he develops a critical discourse, Arystanbek Shalbayev willingly manipulates symbols of the constituent tradition in Kazakhstan’s history. WITHIN THE FRAMEWORK OF : E.CITY […]

Nikonorova E.

Born in 1981 in Almaty, lives and works in Almaty. A graduate of the National Academy of Architecture and Construction of Kazakhstan, Ekaterina Nikonorova questions the notion of identity through her videos. In Apai na Ivana Kupala (Woman on St. John the Baptist’s Day), the artist realizes the performance where, dressed in Kazakh traditional costume, […]

Meldibekov Y.

Born in 1964 in Shymkent Kazakhstan, Meldibekov Yerbossyn lives and works in Almaty. Like Almagul Menlibayeva, Meldibekov graduated from the Almaty Institute of Theatre and Arts. Firmly committed to a political art, Meldibekov makes sculptures, photographs and videos with disturbing almost violent imagery that force the viewer out of his torpor. Wielding both irony that the […]

Madanov & Terekbay

Galim Madanov (born in 1958) and Zauresh Terekbay (born in 1964), live and work in Almaty. This duo of artists who invests both the field of visual arts (via painting, installation) and film, made from memory and imagination the heart of its work. The devices, often monumental, they realize are the result of pre-collection from inhabitants […]


Born in 1982 in Almaty, where she lives and works Zoya Falkova‘s video work, Mnemosyne Dreams, embodies the desire to create an “ideal video object”. The formalistic approach adoptd by the artist is openly demonstrative and deftly blend the archival documents (former documentary film found by Falkova miraculously escaped the rain and snow), the diagrams […]

Bubikanova Bakhyt

Born in 1985 in Aktobe, Kazakhstan. Lives and works in AlmatyInitially trained in painting and sculpture, Bakhyt Bubikanova also developes a performative work which can be seen in her videos. She depicts them in situations with high emotional power, if not violent. Bakhyt Bubicanova’s work polls cultural change at the time of globalization. As a […]

Bayaliev Smail

Born in 1952 in Iskander, former Kazakh territory, now Uzbekistan, lives and works in Shymkent, Kazakhstan He is a founding member of the group Kyzyl Traktor (“Red Tractor”). Video artist  graduated from the University of Arts in Tashkent (Uzbekistan), Smaïl Bayaliyev realizes the performence The bird Simurgh in the Sufi Mosque Hodja Akhmed Yassawi in […]


Born 1965 in Bes-Terek, Uzbekistan. He lives and works in Shymkent, Kazakhstan. Said Atabekov began his artistic activity in 1993 as a member of the Red Tractor Group; the first avant-garde art collective founded in Southern Kazakhstan after Perestroika.­ As a witness to successive waves of social and political change in an area which saw a transition […]

Menlibayeva A.

Born in Kazakhstan, Menlibayeva Almagul lives and works in Germany and Kazakhstan, collaborates with the sound artist and composer OMFO (German Popov, Amsterdam) Education: 1987 –1992 : Academy of Art and Theatre, Almaty, Kazakhstan Awards and Grants: 2013  â€“ Main Award, KINO DER KUNST in the International Film Competition, Munich, Germany 2011   â€“ KfW Audience Award, Videonale 13, Kunstmuseum […]

Ugay Alexander

Born in Kyzlorda, Kazakhstan in 1978. Photographer, video artist and creator of “cinematic objects” within the experimental collective Bronepoezd (literally “armed train”) of which he is one of founders with Roman Maskalev. Alexander Ugay is currently one of the most active figures of new Kazakh art scene. Educated at St. Petersburg University  and at Bishnek […]

Madanova Gaisha

Gaisha Madanova is an independent artist, curator, and art critic from Almaty, Kazakhstan. She curated Video[ARTiFACT], 2012 – an educational project for young artists in contemporary art with Prof. Klaus vom Bruch. Personal exhibitions: 2012: –Documentation of Space, Hamburg University, Germany -Documentation of Space; Alliance Française d’Almaty, (French Alliance Almaty), Kazakhstan. 2009: Instinct of the […]

Bekbotayev S.

Photography, video Syrlybek Bekbotayev born in Konurtobe, Kazakhstan in 1987. He lives and works in Almaty (Kazakhstan). Bekbotayev belongs to the new generation of photographers and video makers of the contemporary scene of Central Asia. 2010 : graduated from the Graphic Departmen of Ahmet Yesevi university. 2012 : he incorporates the artists group Kyzyl Traktor (red tractor) with […]


Born in 1983, Grzegorz StefaÅ„ski graduated from the Faculty of Philosophy at the Jagiellonian University in Cracow, Poland and Photography at the Department of Visual Communication at the University of Arts in PoznaÅ„, Poland. Currently, he continues his artistic education at MirosÅ‚aw Balka Studio of Spatial Activities at the Fine Arts Academy in Warsaw. In […]


Born in the Czech Republic, Frantisek ZVARDON has been based in Strasbourg for over 30 years. He became a full-time photographer after graduating from the School of Photography and Philosophy of Brno and Prague, and has worked with magazines and publishers all over the world. An inveterate traveller, he has been awarded several international prizes, […]